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Guitar Codex

The guitar codex is a versatile program that allows you to see any chord, scale, or combination of notes on the fretboard. It can be use to:

  1. Display the notes of a chord, allowing you to form chords and arpeggios. Simply go to the section marked 'chords', select the key in the first column, then select the chord type in the second column.
  2. Display the notes of a scale. Simply choose the key in the left hand column and the scale in the right hand column and all the notes of the chosen scale will be revealed on the fretboard. You can choose whether you want to display the notes of the scale or the intervals of the scale by clicking the appropriate circle at the top of the codex.
  3. Find the name of a chord. Use the mouse to place notes on the fretboard and the codex will display details of any chord formed.

The codex allows you to select different tunings, choose whether you want it to display notes or intervals, and see the fretboard from a left-handed perspective. These options can be controlled in the 'display' section found at the top of the codex. At the bottom of the codex you can set the scope of the fretboard that you want to analyse.